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by Kevin Mercurio

We, at Sincerity® Foods,
For family groceries,
Will tell you only the truths,
For your eating luxuries.

Greetings and salutations!
As you walk into our marts.
Such pretty presentations!
Please use our baskets and carts.

Our produce is the freshest,
Our bakery is divine,
Our meats and fish, the finest,
Our foods are always sublime.

We line our spacious aisles,
With only our best products.
Employees dressed with style,
Performing no misconducts.

Packs with different colours,
Bottles of many sizes,
Fresh foods in our cold coolers,
At competitive prices.

Please gander at our labels,
Our many signs and displays.
They will make you capable,
And certainly make you stay.

They will tell you what to buy,
And what to surely avoid.
You will need a working eye,
Plus a mind free and devoid.

Just know all the key words!
In which we will provide.
And do all the key verbs!
Those feelings will subside.

Can you read ingredients?
What’s food and what’s chemical?
Aware of the benefits?
You are? Oh, that’s comical.

Sales in all our departments,
In fliers for you to read.
Sent to flats and apartments,
For products you may not need.

Catchy names for many brands,
So that you will never lose.
Filled to the edge of our stands;
Makes it easier to choose.

Please don’t forget to sample!
Know the Sincerity® lore.
For we know how to handle,
So that you’ll leave wanting more.

Grab the organic veggies,
The whole-wheat bread’s a riot,
Hormone-free meat, we have these!
For a full-balanced diet.

Sugar-free, and fat is low?!
Natural, and gluten-free?!
Know the company’s motto:
We’ll describe it to a T.

At least, that’s what you should think,
For we are still a business.
Our customers are the link,
For profits to expenses.

Buying thing after thing,
Because that is what’s right.
We are here to help bring,
Food knowledge into light.

You may now leave us our score,
Without having even tried.
Please, do come back to our store,
Where we never, ever lied.


“Advertising is legalized lying.”
H. G. Wells

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