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Scalene Writing

Unequaled storytelling driven by curiosity.

About Scalene Writing

In June of 2016, I completed my BSc in Biochemistry. This was a huge accomplishment on its own, yet, in modern society we typically have subsequent plans after such large endeavours. I ultimately wanted to go into graduate school, and after being kindly rejected by many of the universities I applied to, I decided to join countless others in the collection of recent graduates hunting for careers and opportunities in the dog-eat-dog job market.


With limited opportunities, things stalled. My amount of free time had greatly surged, and it was time to do something about it.


As an avid reader for many years, I occasionally ruminate on ideas for my own tales. This is what Project Scalene Writing will be about: a place to organize and share my stories. My ambition is to begin conversations and spark the curiosity of the scientists within us all. Most stories stem from an underlying societal issue or personal experience that has made me think about the way we view life, along with the lessons I’ve learned.


Since this started back in September 2016, I was lucky enough to have worked in retail, government and finally accepted into a MSc program at the University of Ottawa, where I worked in the realm of yeast genetics and microbiome research. Along this journey, I have met many inspiring individuals who I am proud to call friends.


This is for you. If you’re interested in connecting, don’t hesitate to drop me a message though email or any of my social media accounts.


Welcome to the Project.


“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.”
– Oscar Wilde


Newest Story

Short: The Climate Solution

A story about the language of discussing climate.

Featured in the Heath Science Inquiry Journal!

Volume 13, Climate Change & Health

Recently Published

Short Story: Wormwood

A story about grief.

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