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Acknowledging the origins of metaphors/idioms and the importance of effective scientific communication.

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About Metaphorigins

It's the beginning of 2020; the end of a long journey of achievements and failure and the beginning of a new decade. I am on the verge of completing my M.Sc. in Biochemistry, and like many upcoming graduates, I am unsure what the future holds. I believe further education is what I see myself striving for, however this motivation is not like it used to be. Science is and will always seem like a hobby as opposed to a job, and as a hobby I must feel the creative drive to make my own choices.

I expanded on my writing and created Scalene Writing, a project that serves as a foundation for knowledge communication in a more creative and unique way. The purpose is to hook readers in with fictional storytelling and get their minds to start thinking about bigger pictures, bigger themes, all within a short collection of words.


I dove into the podcast boom and became fascinated by the free-verse platform. What is the most appealing is that there are no rules. No time restrictions, no censorship, no financial constraints. Just raw information sharing between individuals. Is this not what science aims to be?

This is what Project Metaphorigins (thank you L. S.) will be about: a place to organize and share my love of communication. My ambition is to develop knowledge on how we articulate and the creative aspect of diction. Most episodes will focus on the origins of metaphors, words of high regard, and the meaning behind them. This can overall allow us to acknowledge that words have just as much power as sticks and stones.

As another aspect to this podcast, I will also speak about the importance of science communication in modern day, whether to the scientific community or to the public. Science communication is essential to inspire the next generation, guide societal discourse, and solve the problems we face today collaboratively and efficiently. 


To the family and friends who have been with me this long, this is for you. If you’re interested in connecting, don’t hesitate to drop me a message though email or any of my social media accounts.


Welcome to the Project.


“I am curious about everything, even things that don't interest me.”
– Alex Trebek

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