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by Kevin Mercurio

Seldom is there ever a moment in time noticed
That does not consist of obvious obscurity
But subtle uneasiness
Topics that define previous generations’ normalities
To later generations’ irregularities
Discussions that persist in the ambiance like humidity
The undiscovered ether waiting to be understood
Waiting to be articulated
Propagated through minds using neuronal electrical potential
Exactly like neuronal electrical potential
To plant ourselves on the surface of a planet filled with billions
Shared interests, shared disinterests
Shared experiences, shared inexperiences
Created categories to better describe individuals for what they are
Instead of why they are
Despite how we come from one group, existing or non-existing
One value, one or zero
But labels bring the inevitable fall of orderly men
Breaking bridges recently built
Severing ties recently strengthened
For the purpose of identification
The antagonist to collaboration
Let us think in specifications
Immorality in social behaviours, gender duplicity, racial non-amalgamation
Where does one start when the path begins in the median
When these complex ideas are so blatantly clear
But the words just seem to crumble off the tongue
Opposite of sense
To an end, we juxtapose with stupidity
Can one know the opinions to grasp in a sea of nonsense
Which actors scream rational afterthought rather than immediate impulse
In this performance we did not buy tickets for
The catastrophic debacle of the decade
Summarized in simple terms:
How do we talk?
How do we explain ideas that we do not yet fully comprehend
But want to be a part of the conversation
Not left out of quintessential decisions
Since how else do we determine a spectrum of reason
The solution?
Stutter, stammer, tongue-twist hesitation fillers into a string of phrases
Hoping that trust outweighs the conflict
A tremendous inferno blazing within
To puncture a hole in an already capsizing argument
Rather than securing the break
Forget ego, forget pride
Remember that we are binary
Not in the sense most frequently fought about
But existing or non-existing
One or zero
We are one, literally one
So listen!
Empathize with those who have good intentions
Abstain from gladiatorial vernaculars
And be one
One or zero?
Literally one every time
As we will mean to be.


“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

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