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by Kevin Mercurio

I am the Aristocracy, the force with which societies are threatened by

That move perpendicular to fault lines in our communities

I am the answer to the catastrophes raining fire on a future time

Their echoes cry in turmoil for salvation from the crises


But these are only ominous echoes — echoes of those days from our humble pasts

Pasts that seem so distantly beautiful — beautiful because of their intentions

Maturing into these poisonous thorns — thorns of still beautiful wilting flowers

Flowers just waiting to be tended by


How can I protect you in this crazy world?

One not overflowing with those echoes — echoes of those days from our humble pasts

Breathing in melancholy every day in exchange for drive and motivation

To parse out energy fuelling real change


We have the capability to be something better than our previous selves

Even to improve something minuscule; beliefs in disproven realities

Reject irreverence and ignorance, but do not be fully misunderstood

As each echoes their ethics and limits


I am not the entity said before; I am something more, something far greater

I am found within parents and children, leaders and starters, lovers and haters

I am an example of an eternal principle glinting slow and fainter

I am echoes of old, now and later


This word is just theatre.


“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

- Ernest Hemingway

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