by Kevin Mercurio

ASWMDSM = A Scientist’s Wandering Mind During Sunday Mass.

This is a continuation of my first series post. I profess that I am an atheist. I grew up in the Christian religion, with a family that ventures to church most Sundays. I choose to participate for the family time.

This is the third edition of the ongoing series post, where I share the perspective of a modern atheist inside a Catholic-Christian church. Without my pen and notepad, I would surely go insane. Thankfully curiosity will always overpower frustration and doubt. Please enjoy.


A Scientist’s Wandering Mind during Sunday Mass Pt. 11

  1. Haven’t had a good sleep in over a week, and I wake up early for Easter mass? Atheist angry.

  2. “Stop laughing, you’re old now.” Mother says.

  3. The Priest is Asian?? Wow. That brings the number of non-whites here to 5.

  4. The frankincense is strong here, along with the smell of baby powder and RUB-A535.

  5. First story was about a man who was hung and raised from the dead by God, only to be seen again by those who believed in God. Hmm, that’s an interesting stipulation.

  6. They are cramming us into these pews like sardines.

  7. A frankincense fog during a ritual-like hymn. What a show!

  8. Priest’s speech: began by describing differences between Christianity and Islam.

    • Relishlessness? Apparently God has this quality.

    • Spoke more about the communion of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirt, which are the same one God, but different enough to be segregated. Not quite sure how this relates to the Gospel about how Jesus rose from the dead. Religion does tend to go into tangents and conclude with how God is interconnected with our lives.

  9. “Do you believe in blah blah?”
    “I do.”
    “Do you renounce blah blah?”
    “I do.”
    “Can I make you agree to anything I desire?”
    “You do.”

  10. Priest is now flinging some of that blessed, high-quality tap water at the audience.


A Scientist’s Wandering Mind during Sunday Mass Pt. 12

  1. The Wandering Scientist is back! Tired and foggy because it’s 8:30am Easter Mass and we arrived 33 minutes early, but back nonetheless.

  2. How were we not the 1st ones to arrive?

  3. Families with matching outfits. How cute.

  4. Don’t you die on me pen! Not when I need you mos

  5. Okay it’s working aga

  6. Short notes from now on. The following was recited by a mass at mass: “Lord God, only begotten Son Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, Lord Jesus Christ”. This guy has more titles than an academic.

  7. First story was yet another rendition of a disciple being raised from the dead and was only witnessed to do so by those with faith. I guess believe and you shall eventually get your proof?

  8. Second story: “Set your mind to what’s above, not what’s on Earth, for when you die, you will be risen in heaven”. Why does this not anger you people?!

  9. Every Easter, the holy water never gets flung at me. Does he know? What if the water knows somehow? o.O

  10. It’s crazy, when you hear the lyrics of these hymns, that someone actually wrote this out. Though I will say the cadence is cult-ishly rhythmic and persuading.

  11. Is it wrong to complain that this “bread” is really the thinnest wafer the world has ever seen?

  12. What my Mom said after drinking the Blood of Christ: “I drank too much”.

  13. Interesting how half the attendants left as soon as they received communion. I’m hungry too people, I get it.

  14. As I realize this is similar to the most recent ASWMDSM (apparently it’s been 2 years since the last time I went to mass), let’s talk about something different: the idea of Mass. True believers of the religion take over an hour every Sunday to attend a gathering including stories and songs in which they’ve all heard before. What’s their primary reasoning for doing this? Is it to give praise to a God that demanded this be done of them? Or by going to Mass, does something continuously change in them to make them be good people? Do they enjoy the structure of mass and the community activities it provides to them? I wonder how the idea of large gatherings of praise-giving evolved to something like this.


A Scientist’s Wandering Mind during Sunday Mass Pt. 13


  1. Been a while since I’ve done one of these. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been to church. Living on your own really limits these spiritual experiences. And during a global pandemic… How splendid.

  2. So seating during COVID-19 skips every second pew. We sat on the left side for the first time in almost 27 years.


  3. A sign in book area in front of our seats reads: “Do not place items here”. Guess what the first thing my mom did when we sat down?

  4. Mask humid. Beard sweaty.

  5. A family sitting in front of us has 6 children, all looking about the same age. I bet the parents will be happy once schools reopen.

  6. No music. No choir. This should be quick.

  7. Why priest no wear mask tho?!

  8. First Reading: honestly, quite hard to follow. It involved different natural disasters in which the Lord was not present for. Missing metaphoric meaning.

  9. The song in between the 1st and 2nd Readings are still happening, huh? Kinda awkward, as everyone forgets what to repeat during the chorus without the book. Why is the speaker not helping when it’s the audience’s turn to repeat what she told us to repeat at the beginning?

  10. Second Reading: guy writes letters about Christ, and verifies that his own statements are true because his conscience is telling him so…

  11. Gospel: Jesus tells his disciples to take this boat and go on without him (I guess he’ll catch up later with the fellas). They go, and are met with a windy storm. One disciple calls for Jesus, who answers him to walk towards him ON THE WATER. He does, and is actually WALKING ON WATER. He starts to have obvious fear about WALKING ON WATER and not finding Jesus that he begins to sink, calling out for him again. Jesus saves him from drowning and they both get back to the boat. All the disciples praise Jesus for this deed.

    • Like... What?

    • Priest’s Speech about the story: basically, God comes in a variety of ways. Don’t just look for external observations, but look internally too. The disciple doubted that Jesus was there, fear began growing inside him (rightfully so, he was, in fact, WALKING ON WATER). He should have trusted that he was there, you know, hanging out in the story sea

    • Why would a God devote so much energy to test our trust?

  12. Wait, to the parents of the family in front, why are only the sons wearing masks?

  13. Patrick just coughed…

  14. Kneeling has become standing? Terrible.

  15. Handshakes have become hand waves? Nice.

  16. They still serve communion during these times? No gloves either? My god… I mean, really?


"We have two options as human beings. We have a choice between conversation and war. That's it. Conversation and violence. And faith is a conversation stopper."

- Sam Harris